ricky-gervais-592x400Sometimes sad stories about climate change and people hurting animals for fun can really get to our little animal loving and environment protecting hearts. Celebrities aren’t immune to that feeling either.

Comedian and activist Ricky Gervais had a moment of frustration like that this Friday. It started with a tweet about the ongoing dolphin slaughter in Taiji.

“How is this even happening? Another low point for humanity. #tweet4taiji,” he wrote to his over 6 million followers.

Shortly after, his message continued.

“How will future generations view us? Slaughtering dolphins, torturing bulls to death as entertainment, & wiping out rhinos for fake medicine?”

It wasn’t long until his followers showed him he’s not alone in his frustration by favoriting and sharing his opinion, though. After over one thousand retweets, the usually funny actor thanked his fans for supporting his work and “even more for caring about animals” being “a voice for the voiceless.”

Finally, Gervais finished his Twitter rant with something we completely agree with.

“Whether you believe that animals evolved over billions of years or a God made them one Tuesday afternoon, you should care for their welfare.”

We get how you feel, Ricky. We totally do. But people like you and stories like these make us feel like there’s still hope out there.

Ricky Gervais: You Should Care For Animals’ Welfare | Ecorazzi.