sam-simonSam Simon, “The Simpsons” co-creator and philanthropist who was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in 2012, is dedicating the remainder of his life to saving animals from harm and abuse because it’s “part of [his] therapy.”

Simon, who recently spoke in length about his animal activism for Ecorazzi, has committed the bulk of the hundreds of millions earned from co-creating the hit animated series to animal causes. He bought a fur farm to rescue chinchillassaved an injured race horse and rescued 17 bears from concrete pits so they can live out their days in an animal sanctuary safe and sound.

He does this because, as he recently told Vanity Fair in a new in-depth interview, he sees liberating animals as a kind of therapy from his illness.

“The liberations of the roadside zoos and circuses,” he told the magazine, “This I don’t see as philanthropy at all. This is part of my therapy. I’m pacing my life looking forward to these things, and I enjoy them. I enjoy bringing my friends. The arguments against doing them, which you can see on every bulletin board every time I do something like that, I understand completely. It’s not a cost-effective way of doing anything except making me happy for an afternoon. I like to live my life with these goals ahead of me. But it also has to do with alleviating suffering.” Both for himself, and for the animals.

In the article, Simon brings his friends (including Pamela Anderson) to the 720-acre Wild Animal Sanctuary to visit the 17 bears he rescued from a concrete roadside attraction in Georgia. He admits to talking to the bears when he visits them.

“I always try to tell them, I know the past few days have been rough, but everything’s going to be O.K. from now on,” and thanks to Simon, and his healing found through helping animals, it will be.

Sam Simon Finds Healing Through Animal Activism | Ecorazzi.