new-york-city-592x399Looks like the Big Apple is returning to its roots. New York, once known for its strip steak, was declared 2014′s ‘Most Vegan-Friendly City’ by PETA in a special ceremony at City Hall on Sept. 17.

The commemoration took place on the steps of City Hall and featured actor Alan Cumming, a New York resident and famous vegan.

“Rotten carcasses don’t feel good in my body,” the PETA spokesman said, who made the switch to the healthy diet two years ago, which he credits with giving him the energy he needs to jump from stage to stage.

Cumming, alongside PETA, presented City Council members a Manhattan skyline replica carved entirely from vegetables, including butternut squash, taro root, radishes, eggplant, broccoli, carrots, lemongrass, banana leaves and beets. It was designed by food artist, James Parker.

“New York boasts more than 140 vegetarian restaurants, countless veggie-friendly establishments, and the first vegetarian public school,” says City Council member Corey Johnson.”The trend in green cuisine is healthful, draws food tourists, and employs thousands.”

Keep up the good work, New York! And continue ‘spreading the news’ that a vegan and vegetarian diet is the ideal lifestyle choice.

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