Now famous burger joints have absolutely no excuse for not offering a veggie option as Beyond Meat is giving their product for free to restaurants that decide to give them a try.

After a Huffington Post articlehighlighted all the reasons why beef burgers are terrible for the planet and people’s health, the company that makes completely plant based ‘meats’ like burgers, ‘beef crumbles’ and ‘chicken strips’ is posing a challenge to every burger restaurant mentioned in it: offer their product and get a free palette of veggie burgers.

“For any of the burger joints mentioned in the Huffington Post piece that put the Beast Burger on their menu before November 1, 2014, we will deliver a free pallet of Beast Burgers,” said Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown. “We stand ready to put the delicious, protein-packed, nutrient-dense Beast into the hands of burger artists across the country.”

The Beast Burgers have as much iron and protein as beef burgers (so don’t worry about not getting enough of that, meat eaters) and they have a dash of vitamins B-6 and B-12 and antioxidants so they’re basically health food. Well, not really, but you can tell yourself that!

To get the burger joints on board, Beyond Meat is asking all veggie lovers to unite and tweet the chains below with the hashtag #BeastMe.

•In-N-Out Burger : @innoutburger_

•Burger Lounge: @Burger_Lounge

•Five Guys: @Five_Guys

•Shake Shack: @shakeshack

•Smashburger: @smashburger

•Bareburger: @bareburger

•Yeah! Burger: @yeahburger

•Black & Orange: @blacknorangedc

•Bobby’s Burger Palace: @bobbysburgerpal

•BGR: The Burger Joint: @BGRBurgerJoint

•Elevation Burger: @elevationburger

•Fuddruckers: @fuddruckers

•McDonald’s: @McDonalds

•Burger King: @BurgerKing

Maybe between the public’s request, a free product offer and Kathy Freston’s petition to get McDonald’s to offer a vegetarian option, the movement will create the perfect veggie storm that will bring about some change — and veggie burgers — to people everywhere.

Beyond Meat Offers Free Veggie Burgers to Fast Food Chains  | Ecorazzi.