Russell Simmons has  tip for anyone looking for some good karma: go vegan.

The ultra successful business magnate who also happens to be a vegan who practices meditation on a daily basis has lent his voice to a new PETA PSA encouraging others to go on a plant based diet.

“You see them on every corner, lurking, waiting to take your money for unhealthy products that can ruin your life and put you in the hospital. Fast-food restaurants are everywhere. You name ‘em, they’re selling products that can make you fat and unhealthy, products that are killing the environment and causing animal suffering on an unimaginable level,” says the Phat Farm owner on the 30 second spot. “Fight it. Do yourself a favor: Try vegan—you deserve it, our planet deserves it, the animals sure do. Vegan. Now that’s good karma. I’m Russell Simmons, for PETA.”

The public service announcement will be broadcast over the radio in Little Rock, Arkansas; Memphis, Tennessee; New Orleans and other cities across the US where obesity and the concentration of fast food chain numbers are high. The two factors usually go hand in hand and studies have shown over and over how a vegan diet without fast food can drastically improve people’s health. The new campaign aims to remind people that easy meal comes with a price.

Simmons has previously partnered with PETA for promoting a vegan diet on Washington D.C. light rail posters. He’s also mentored two overweight friends into a healthy diet and regularly uses his status as a hip hop icon to promote a vegan lifestyle.

Russell Simmons: ‘Do Yourself a Favor: Try Vegan | Ecorazzi.