Many of us have dealt with the experience of trying to get a child to leave the park or stop playing their game. For some reason, kids know how to throw a tantrum and make us feel awful for pressuring them to stop having fun. Have you ever seen a Husky act like a big baby, too? Check out this video of a husky who just won’t budge from his spot in the park.

The guardian and this dog visit the park every day, and believe it or not, the dog throws a fit every day, as well. He just never wants to leave the nice, grassy park. This pooch is having such a ball that he howls and cries, begging not to have to go home. If you listen closely, it seems like he’s actually speaking English. “Nooo, I don’t wanna goooo momma! Do we have to? Noooooo! No!”

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Talking Husky Doesn’t Want to Leave the Dog Park. Such a Diva! | One Green Planet.