Back in 2012, on February the 9th, the Michigan Humane Society received an unusual call. A one-month-old puppy was in desperate need. He was trapped in a pipe. No one could see him, but his cries were heartbreaking and unmistakable.

It took more than a bit of man power, time, and even an excavator to get the pup out safe. But remarkably, once he was free and the vet had a chance to look him over, it became clear to everyone the pup had suffered no serious injury. He was cold and a bit dehydrated, but fine.

No one is sure exactly how the pup got himself into such an unfortunate predicament, but it’s safe to say that without the Michigan Humane Society’s heroic efforts, his life would have ended there. So let’s give them a round of Green Monster applause. Thank you to everyone who made this incredible rescue possible!

They Dug for Hours to Rescue a Puppy Trapped Inside an Underground Pipe VIDEO | One Green Planet.