This story will fill you with love! When a mother duckling called for help in the city, a couple of police officers came to the rescue, showing how much of an impact a small action can have for the lives of our animal friends.

Trapped underneath the ground in a sewer, several ducklings were making noises and were in need of some help. On the sidewalk, you’ll see the mother duck calls for help, and luckily, her call does not go unnoticed. The police officers could have gone about their day, dismissing the duck as just a duck making noise. But instead, you’ll see the officers open the sewer grate. “We’re going to save the baby ducks,” one of them says in the video.

And save them she does! They got to take a short trip in a cardboard box, back to the water, where they belong. Looks like the adorable ducklings found their nights in shining armor, and are now swimming happily and free with their mother again.

Mother Duck Calls for Help for Her Ducklings and a Police Officer Saves the Day! VIDEO | One Green Planet.