catrisk-1066x800We already know cats are great at playing Jenga and One Potato, Two Potato (though they might be sore losers), but what about the other games? Some of us have a hard time getting a group together, so wouldn’t it be great to replace family and friends with our pets? It’s not like they have jobs or social obligations.

In this YouTube compilation, watch over a dozen cats attempt to play some of our favorite board games, including Yahtzee!, Trivial Pursuit, and, of course, Monopoly. They pounce on dice, bat around playing pieces, and roll around on the boards, upsetting cards and deeds. OK, so maybe these cats aren’t really so great at board games, at least not by the rules we’re used to. But sometimes, it’s nice to shake up these familiar games a little bit, and it’s more fun to watch these guys try to play than to play another round the same old way.

You Know What Cats Are Really Good at? Playing Board Games! VIDEO | One Green Planet.