Scientists in Europe are now creating permanent, gaping holes in cows so they can monitor their digestion.

According to an Australian news website, “The process called a cow cannula, involves cutting a hole directly into the cow’s stomach, creating a window, similar to a ship.”

When farmers feel like it, they can unplug the holes and literally reach inside the cows to inspect what they’ve been eating.

While those installing these ghastly “windows” claim animals don’t experience pain from it, one has to imagine that having a permanent, open hole cut into one’s stomach can’t feel good. It certainly looks awful.

The reason for all this? Scientists are saying it’s to “help the environment” by giving them greater insight into how much methane – an extremely powerful greenhouse gas – cows produce.

If that’s what they’re selling, we’re not buying. Instead of cutting open innocent animals, a much more humane way to reduce methane gas emissions is to encourage people to reduce or eliminate their meat and dairy consumption.

For tips on helping the environment and cows by leaving meat and dairy off your plate, visit ChooseVeg.com.

WTF? Scientists Cutting Permanent Holes Into Live Cows | MFA Blog