amd-peta-jpgRock & roller, vegetarian, and voice for animals, Chrissie Hynde has released her newest music video for the song, “You or No One.” The video’s world premiere launches from PETA’s website and Hynde penned a blog post for the site, explaining her inspiration for the video’s theme.

“We’ve all heard plenty of songs about relationships, both good and bad,” Hynde writes. “But in my personal experience—and that of seemingly everyone I know—the lifetime of devotion that dogs give is incomparable to that of humans. My new music video, which was filmed in Spain, tells a love story between a man and his dog. After seeing the documentary LA Stories: City of Dogs, I told my director, Steve Glashier, that I wanted to make a video for everyone who has ever loved a dog and had their love returned tenfold.”

Hynde hopes the video will resonate with a lot of people. “If you were moved by this video, please hug your dog, tell your pooch that you love him or her, and take your canine buddy for a long walk,” she writes. “Every day. Our dogs deserve it.”

Check out the video below, starring quite possibly the cuddliest looking dog ever.

Chrissie Hynde’s Newest Video Highlights Canine Companionship | Ecorazzi.