bigwood3.jpgRob Bigwood is one tough vegan. A professional arm wrestler who bucks all the stereotypes, this plant-based powerhouse also happens to be one of the stars of a new show on AMC entitled “Game of Arms.”

Debuting this month, this edgy series aims to give us a “look inside the raw and highly competitive world of American arm wrestling,” says AMC.

MFA was lucky enough to sit down with Rob and discuss arm wrestling, his transition to a vegan lifestyle, and what he hopes to accomplish with his newfound fame.

1. Tell us about your new show, “Game of Arms.” 

The series follows five regional arm wrestling teams as we hit the road and wager our reputations. The show not only focuses on the technique and skill, but also our families, careers, and personal struggles.

2. What was your motive for adopting a completely plant-based diet? 

I love all animals and feel it’s extremely hypocritical calling oneself an animal lover while eating a cheeseburger or drinking a glass of milk. All animals have the same feelings and emotions and should have equal rights.

bigwood4.jpg3. How has leaving animals off your plate impacted your life? 

My diet is cruelty-free now and that feels gratifying. I’m healthier, lighter, and have better endurance during my workouts. A vegan lifestyle is also beneficial for our environment, the less fortunate, and especially the millions of innocent animals murdered each year.

4. How have others on the show reacted to your veganism? 

I think they would react negatively if I wasn’t as successful. Most people are just curious about my diet, which I’m always willing to share. I think being vegan was a big part of why I was selected to represent the NYC team on “Game of Arms.”

bigwood2.jpg5. Do you have any advice for people making the transition to a plant-based diet? 

It might be discouraging to just completely change everything you know about your diet so start slow and do some research. Replace regular milk with almond or hemp milk, try cooking up some seitan or tempeh instead of meat. They both taste amazing and are high in protein with zero cholesterol.

6. What is next for you? 

My ultimate goal is to help animals and spread veganism. With that being said, who knows?!

Vegan Strong Arm: Introducing Rob Bigwood – MFA Blog.