120726_TECH_FAKEMEAT1.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-large-thumb-210x127An article published by the New York Times highlights the growing market for delicious, plant-based meat alternatives and the companies who are taking meatless meats to a new level.

As people increasingly move away from fat- and cholesterol-laden animal products, more food producers are satisfying their customers’ demands for sustainable, compassionate foods and creating cruelty-free alternatives to traditional American fare.

Venture capitalists have begun funding environmentally conscious, animal-friendly food startups in the hopes of saving the planet’s dwindling resources.

The article explains: “Demand for meat alternatives is growing, fueled by trends as varied as increased vegetarianism and concerns over the impact of industrial-scale animal husbandry on the environment. The trend has also attracted a host of unlikely investors, including Biz Stone and Evan Williams of Twitter, Bill Gates and, most recently, Li Ka-shing, the Hong Kong magnate.”

Companies are offering meat alternatives with a texture and taste virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Beyond Meat, for example, has produced a plant-based chicken substitute that has fooled even experts.

And it’s not just meat that’s being replaced. Beyond Eggs, another venture, has created an egg-free mayonnaise that is not only equal in flavor to original mayonnaise, but is cholesterol-free and 18 percent less expensive.

For the gamut of meat alternatives and more information on going vegetarian, visit ChooseVeg.com.

via You Won’t Believe It’s Not Meat – MFA Blog.