Harvard Hosts Vegan Conference | VegNews

Students will discuss the bioethical implications of the vegan diet at the sixth annual Ivy League Vegan Conference hosted by Harvard Vegan Society Student Group.

The Harvard Vegan Society Student Group (HVSSG) will host the sixth annual Ivy League Vegan Conference from March 24 to March 26, 2017. Sponsored by vegan meal delivery company Purple Carrot and Whole Foods Market, the conference will welcome 400 attendees from a variety of disciplines to discuss peer-reviewed studies on the health, environmental, and bioethical implications of consuming a plant-based diet. Speakers will include former White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Administrator Cass Sunstein, Harvard Medical School professor Walter Willett, and Yale-Griffith Prevention Research Center founding member David Katz. “We take particular pride in having non-vegans in both our speaker lineup and audience,” HVSSG board member Matt Hayek said, “a testament to the growing relevance of veganism and its future role in society.” Last year, Harvard students launched the “Veguary Challenge”—a campaign meant to inspire colleagues to eat less meat during the month of February. Similarly, fellow Ivy League university Yale incorporated the offering of vegan options in school dining halls as a “core value” of the university in 2016.

Source: Harvard Hosts Vegan Conference

Sausage Executive Says Future is Plant-Based | VegNews

Applegate’s Nina Asoudegan thinks diversifying the meat-based company to include more plant protein will help move the company into the modern era.

Senior director of mission at meat company Applegate (a Hormel brand) Nina Asoudegan recently spoke with food media outlet Foodnavigator about the changes in consumer perception toward meat. Asoudegan spoke about the growing consumer demand for transparency within the meat industry. “People turned a blind eye for many years, but when they started to see how animals were produced and put into gestation crates, and they started to ask more and more questions,” Asoudegan said, “it really pulled the curtain back on the industry.” The executive predicted that the amount of meat people consume will decline in coming years and looked to plant-based protein as a source of potential revenue for Applegate. “I think Applegate might be looking at itself not only as a meat company like we have been for years, but as a food company,” Asoudegan continued. “Maybe a company that seeks protein … not just from animals, obviously. Look at what we see with the rise in all the plant protein and the companies like Beyond Meat. I mean, I think this is really indicative of the future.” Earlier this month, Tom Hayes—CEO of meat company Tyson, which recently invested in vegan company Beyond Meat—had a similar opinion regarding the future of protein, stating, “Plant-based protein is growing almost, at this point, a little faster than animal-based, so I think the migration may continue in that direction.”

Source: Sausage Executive Says Future is Plant-Based

TV’s Only Vegan Show Prepares for Season Two | VegNews

Plant-Based by Nafsika on A&E FYI Channel will return with new vegan cooking and living tips.

Nafsika Antypas, the host and creator of A&E FYI Channel’s Plant-Based by Nafsika, recently announced plans for the production of season two of the vegan lifestyle show—the only one of its kind currently on television. The show—which first aired last July—reaches 70 million households every Wednesday and has covered vegan lifestyle topics including cooking demonstrations, celebrity interviews, cruelty-free fashion tips, and nutrition advice. Antypas independently funded the first season and has launched a crowdfunding campaign on platform Indiegogo to help with production costs of the show’s second season. “If I surpass my goal, I will then start working on bringing my show to more networks globally.” Antypas said. Several networks have taken a greater interest in vegan topics recently as evidenced by a recent episode of cooking competition show MasterChef Junior that challenged children to cook without animal products—at the behest of guest judge and vegan activist Mayim Bialik of 90s show Blossom fame.

Source: TV’s Only Vegan Show Prepares for Season Two