Activist Seeks to Veganize Half of NYC’s Restaurant Menus | VegNews

Founder of Veganizer NYC says selling more plant-based food will save animals’ lives and boost restaurants’ profits.

Kiki Adami founded Veganizer NYC to pursue a very ambitious mission: convince every restaurant in New York City to make at least half of their menu items vegan. While Adami is driven by compassion for animals, her strategy for getting restaurateurs on board focuses on pragmatic matters such as attracting more customers and making more money. But rather than just tell restaurant owners that increasing their vegan options will improve their bottom line, she shows them by helping restaurants host vegan pop-up events. Adami has collaborated with five restaurants so far (including Pagani, Cabalito, Cafe Frida, and Keg 229) by connecting owners with vegan food suppliers and helping chefs veganize their existing menus, sometimes by simply replacing animal products with their vegan equivalents. Adami specifically targets meat-centric restaurants “to show people that if these restaurants can veganize, anything can veganize.” The pop-up events have brought in big crowds, persuading Veganizer’s partner restaurants to keep veganizing—and other restaurants to get with the program.


Elle Magazine: Why 12 Female Celebs Are Vegan | VegNews

World’s best-selling fashion mag highlights famous women’s reasons for being vegan—from animals and the environment to health and beauty.

Elle, the world’s best-selling fashion magazine, posted an article on its website entitled “12 Famous Vegan Women And Their Reasoning Behind The Lifestyle” that provides dietary insights from a variety of female celebrities. For singer Ariana Grande, actress Natalie Portman, and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, the lifestyle change stemmed from ethical reasons. The latter went vegan after watching the documentary Earthlings, which includes undercover footage from inside factory farms. “You just see that, and you go, I can’t participate in that,” she told Katie Couric. “I can’t be a part of something that is suffering.” Pop superstar Miley Cyrus told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that she went vegan because she recognized the intelligence of her pet pig and blowfish, actress Ellen Page cites both animals and the environment as her reasons for being vegan, while British singer Ellie Goulding’s main reason for being vegan is health and fitness.

Source: Elle Magazine: Why 12 Female Celebs Are Vegan

Vegan SoulFest! Party Hits Baltimore Saturday | VegNews

Third annual summer festival will feature exhibitors, speakers, live entertainment, and plenty of delicious food.

The third annual Vegan SoulFest! will be held Saturday at Baltimore City Community College. Admission to the event is free, and there will be dozens of exhibition booths where people can shop for vegan food, drinks, plant-based clothing, and cruelty-free products. Representatives from various nonprofit health, social justice, and animal-rights organizations will be on hand to inform attendees about important issues and how they can get involved. Speakers at this year’s Vegan SoulFest! include former NFL player David “The 300 Pound Vegan” Carter and Dr. Milton Mills. Guests will also enjoy live musical performances by Mova Kween, Buddah Bass, and Watoto from the Nile in an all-day party atmosphere.

Source: Vegan SoulFest! Party Hits Baltimore Saturday


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